Game is currently in state of closed beta.





We're still here! The team has some fresh blood and together we're working hard on the game! You can expect pretty much a brand new Neurostaza – every single feature is reworked. Currently we're adding some finishing touches to the maps. The villages have new, better looking cottages... Even the snow is whiter!

Also first part of quest is scheduled to release in next few weeks. We're sure you will love it! Some of the other new things you can expect:
*New, futuristic UI
*New combat system
*New character development

Together all those features should make the gameplay easier and more enjoyable, so stay tuned!

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Finally, our brand new main site is here! Also new, improved UI is almost ready, you may expect it in October. Currently we are working hard on game engine, some game mechanics are being reworked. We hope to release playable version of the game in December. Stay tuned!

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Quick News

New version of main site is beign prepared. Will be ready in about month.

Work has begun on the third, and final, starting village. It is slated for completion by the end of July.

New server (prime) is default for new players. Previous server (dev) will remain for testing purposes.

There are strangely glowing eggs scattered all over New Lviv. Buster Nyane (135,151,New Lviv - city center) will gladly reward you if you bring him some. Don't waste time and go for a radioactive eggs hunt!

Screenshoots section has been updated.